Chocolate Strawberry


Bright, ruby red-colored wine with high tones of freshly picked strawberries and an undercurrent of dark fruit and cocoa. Strawberries and chocolate individually delight the palate; when combined, they reach another level of decadence. Smooth and balanced wine with lingering notes of strawberry on the finish.


Imagine chocolate covered strawberries and the finest red wine all in one sumptuous drink. Our chocolatier winemaker has achieved the next great pairing - a red wine blend made from only the finest vinifera grapes delicately blended with dark chocolate and natural strawberry flavors. The result is layer after intriguing layer of intense ripe strawberries and deep, dark chocolate.

Serve at room temperature or slightly chilled.

BLEND Red Wine infused with Natural Chocolate and Strawberry
ALC / 12.5%
RS / 8.0%